VITRINA    Tonkinese 

3 adults plus kittens born in June and in January available to approved homes

Grand Champion Vitrina Venezia 3 years spayed girl. Lovely, affectionate, easy going girl A great mama cat she gave me many wonderful kittens. Venezia is one of my favorite cats, so easy to show, just always went with the flow. Now she deserves to retire to a loving home as she will give back every bit of care and love she receives. Plus she is beautiful and stately.

2. Grand Premier Vitrina Rolex 2 year old neutered male. Strong big boy. Very friendly lap cat. Plays a little rough so better with adults than small children. Perfect for people that understand how to not encourage overly rowdy play. Dog friendly. Gorgeous boy that will give many more years of companionship. He just has that majestic dominant cat presence.

Midori 2 year old champagne point female spayed. Very affectionate, constant companion and playful. Supersweet girl.

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